Wednesday 13 November 2019

Brothers with 326 convictions get 10 years for offences

Brian Curtin
Brian Curtin

David Raleigh

Two brothers with over 300 previous convictions between them have received combined jail sentences totalling 10 years for offences including assault causing harm, robbery, burglary, and unlawful taking of vehicles.

Brian and Jason Curtin, with the same address at Railway House, Spitland, Limerick, pleaded guilty to all charges at Limerick Circuit Court.

The "most sinister" of these, said presiding judge Tom O'Donnell, was the assault and robbery of a man carried out by the siblings in Limerick city centre, on August 11, 2016.

Gardaí encountered the victim in bloodied clothes and with cuts to his face and arms, the brothers' sentencing hearing heard yesterday.

The man told gardaí he had been robbed of money, a mobile phone, and a set of keys to his apartment. The victim declined to make a victim impact statement.

Brian Curtin (26) was on bail at the time, the court heard. Later on the same day Jason Curtin (25) carried out a burglary at a halting site where he stole the occupant's van keys and drove off in the vehicle.

Jason Curtin
Jason Curtin

The van later ran out of petrol and Jason Curtin was captured on CCTV parking the vehicle up at a filling station.

On that day, Brian Curtin was on High Court bail, granted on October 1, 2015, having been charged with theft of a mobile phone and a set of keys to a high-powered Audi, during a burglary at a business premises on September 30, 2015.

He was arrested after crashing the Audi while being pursued at speed by a Garda patrol car. The two accused brothers were "chronic drug addicts" and regarded by gardaí as "recidivist" offenders, it was heard.

They both continued to offend despite amassing 326 previous convictions, judge Tom O'Donnell noted. Brian Curtin was before the court with 201 previous convictions. The court heard 155 of those convictions related to road traffic offences.

He also had convictions for robbery, theft, burglary, blackmail, and unlawful taking of vehicles. The court previously heard he has a "propensity for violence".

On several occasions arrest warrants were issued after he failed to appear in court, it was also heard. Jason Curtin was before the court with 125 past convictions for offences including arson, possession of knives, burglary and criminal damage.

Judge Tom O'Donnell said the brothers' criminal records were "appalling". He imposed a six-year sentence and 10-year road ban on Brian Curtin, and a four-year sentence and seven-year road ban on Jason Curtin.

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