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Boyzone star Mikey Graham awaits decision of DPP on criminal charges following row


Boyzone star Mikey Graham. Photo: Getty Images

Boyzone star Mikey Graham. Photo: Getty Images

Boyzone star Mikey Graham. Photo: Getty Images

BOYZONE star Mikey Graham could face criminal charges following a row outside his mansion last April.

Student Paul O’Hara (22) sustained serious head injuries after an alleged fight broke out at the singer’s front gate.

The Director of Public Prosecutions received a file from Gardai investigating the incident and is now considering whether charges should be brought forward against Mr. Graham (39).

Mr. O’Hara was brought to Beaumont Hospital following the alleged scuffle, where he spent a week recovering. He has since been undergoing speech therapy since being discharged.

The Gardai have outlined in the file what they believe happened that night.

Mr. O’Hara claims that he was struck over the head with a cricket bat following a row over the incessant buzzing of Mr. Graham’s intercom in the late hours of Friday on April 29th.

Mr. Graham denies striking the engineering student in the head but admits a physical confrontation occurred.

Gardai have tried to determine if the injuries sustained by the young man were caused by an implement or by hitting his head on the ground following a fall.

Shortly after the scuffle, Mr. Graham left Ireland for Spain and Britain on business but was interviewed by Gardai when he arrived home and gave a full statement to them in May. He claimed that he was “in fear of his life” when the intercom was repeatedly buzzed.

CCTV cameras were outside the singer’s house in Lusk Co. Dublin but it is understood that they didn’t record the incident.

Mr. Graham was inside his home watching television with his wife Karen Corradi, and two daughters when the intercom started buzzing.

Mr. O’Hara and a group of friends had earlier been in a pub celebrating a friend’s 18th birthday. They then moved onto a take-away which is located close to Mr. Graham’s home.

At 1.30am, the alleged buzzing started with people shouting into the speaker.

After a security light came on, some of the group dispersed but Mr. O’Hara remained.

When his friend’s returned, Mr. O’Hara was discovered lying on the path unconscious. He was then taken to Beaumont Hospital for treatment.

Two weeks previously, Mr. Graham was punched in the face outside a pub near his home but was not injured in the assault. Gardai believe the two incidents may be connected as Mr. Graham was receiving verbal abuse from a group of young men.

Although Mr. O’Hara was not present at that incident, the man believed to have thrown the punch was outside the singer’s gate when the buzzing occurred.

Mr. O’Hara’s mother made a complaint to Gardai following the incident but it is understood that Mr. Graham put in a formal complaint about the behaviour of the men over the intercom buzzing.