Sunday 26 January 2020

Boy (16) jailed after he knocked garda over while speeding on stolen motorbike

Garda Traffic Corps. Stock picture
Garda Traffic Corps. Stock picture

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A 16-year-old Dublin boy, who knocked a garda over while speeding on a stolen motorbike, has been given a three-month custodial sentence.

The boy admitted driving a stolen motorbike, not having a licence or insurance, escape from lawful custody, dangerous driving as well as a hit-and-run charge in connection with the incident in south Dublin on October 25, 2014.

During a pursuit, the teenager had been riding the stolen moped at Mount Tallant Avenue when he knocked over Garda Oliver Farrell who was on foot, the Dublin Children's Court heard.

Judge John O'Connor was furnished with a probation report on the youth which showed the teenager has recently tested positive for cocaine use as well as other substances. The teenager had been given numerous chances to work with the Probation Service and avoid detention. However, he failed to co-operate with agencies trying to help him.

Judge O'Connor imposed a six-month detention-supervision order . The teenager will have to serve a three month sentence in a detention centre followed by three months probation.

Judge O'Connor has said the teenager was out of control, taking “killer drugs” and putting his life at risk.

Earlier Judge O'Connor said all this was having an effect on the teen's mother who said her son, “will not allow me to be his parent.”

Earlier, Gda Farrell said he attempted to stop the teenager but the boy drove at him and he had to take “evasive action”. The garda was struck to his right side and the teenager carried on driving.

There were “numerous incidents of dangerous driving and failing to stop” before the teenager crashed into the back of a patrol car at Harold's Cross Road.

Following his arrest he managed to get out of the garda car and briefly escape before he was recaptured.

Judge O'Connor noted the boy had no prior criminal convictions. A welfare report had shown the teen was becoming “far more challenging and he is at a high risk of re-offending”.

Earlier counsel for the boy said the he wanted to complete continue his education and to complete the Leaving Certificate.

However, it was conceded the teenager's behaviour had become an issue in his educational course and the boy has had anger-management difficulties.

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