Sunday 25 August 2019

Bobby Ryan profiled: The twinkly-eyed DJ who was 'loved to bits' by all

Bobby Ryan
Bobby Ryan
Nicola Anderson

Nicola Anderson

THE longer the trial went on, the more poignant became the photograph of Bobby Ryan with his kindly round face and twinkling eyes.

Not a single bad word was uttered about him.

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He was a truck driver at a quarry, a part-time DJ on the side, who delighted in the pleasures of playing to a crowd.

“Wow” was the word Michelle Ryan used in court to describe her father.

He was “one of a kind,” she said - “a brilliant father with a great personality.”

“He was Mr Moonlight and I was Shelley Moonlight,” she said.

Mary Lowry. Photo: Collins
Mary Lowry. Photo: Collins

To his former wife, Mary Ryan, he had remained a friend, despite the ending of their marriage.

Likewise, he had remained a friend to his former partner Mary Glasheen after the end of their three-month relationship and they would still go out for a meal or a drink ‘if he was up to nothing,’ she told the court, describing him as “bubbly, kind, liked dancing, happy.”

His boss at Killough Quarries, Niall Quinn, recalled him as a punctual and “perfect” employee.

Michelle Ryan described how her parents had split up when she was around 18 or 19, and she and her brother, Robert Jnr, lived with her father.

She described her relationship with him as “brilliant”.

After her parents split up, she had concerns for his mental health because he was “very down” afterwards.

It was definitely nine months before she could say, “Yeah, there’s Daddy again,” she said.

Put to her that over the course of that time, he had got his love of life back, Michelle said: “Correct.”

In terms of work, he was “precise”, she said. “You could set your clock by him, that’s the type of man that he was,” she said.

“If he was running late he would ring but that man would make sure he was never running late,” she added.

Then, at the weekends, he would always be “playing his music - putting on a smile. He was ... one of a kind,” said Michelle.

As DJ Mr Moonlight, he would play local venues, mostly Pat Foxes Pub in Cashel, Co Tipperary. She got into being a DJ through him.

“He was Mr Moonlight and I was Shelley Moonlight,” she told the court.

Her brother Robert was asked to describe Bobby Ryan generally, he said: “Happy yeah, yeah, always a bit of craic.”

His father had had a few girlfriends or friends since his marriage had broken up a number of years before, but around Christmas 2010, he noticed it seemed to be serious between him and Mary Lowry.

Mary herself spoke glowing of Bobby, saying: “I loved him to bits. He made me laugh. He made my children happy. What more could you want?”

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