Wednesday 24 January 2018

'Blood was splattered up the walls and in the cupboard' - teenager tortured and raped musician pal in horrific sex attack

Musician faces 15-year prison term after his sickening sex attack in flat

Darren Fu
Darren Fu

Ali Gordon

This is the baby-faced musician who tortured and sexually abused a friend in a drug-fuelled ordeal.

The terrified 17-year-old victim suffered hours of hell at the hands of drugged-up Darren Fu and another teen at a flat in the Stranmillis area of south Belfast.

Fu, now 20, used a drumstick and music stand in horrific sex attacks on the victim, who suffered “exceptional degradation” during the ordeal on May 14, 2014.

On Friday a judge warned Fu and his co-attacker — a teenager who cannot be named for legal reasons — that they could be facing 15-year jail sentences.

Fu confessed to four charges including rape and false imprisonment.



Belfast Crown Court heard on Thursday and Friday that upon entering Fu’s flat, the victim endured hours of hell at the hands of the drugged-up, knife-wielding young males he considered friends.

The then 17-year-old was thrown onto a settee before Fu and the co-accused produced two knives.

He was made to kneel down at knifepoint before being tied up and locked in a cupboard for around 10 minutes while the pair “discussed what they were going to do to the injured party”.

The victim then had a pillowcase placed over his head with towels also wrapped around his head and “held in place with a belt” before being subjected to several serious sexual assaults.

The twisted duo even used a drumstick and a microphone stand to inflict “extreme discomfort” to their victim during the sexual assaults.

However, Fu, of Drumart  Walk, Belfast, was described by David McDowell, who was acting on his behalf, as a “quiet, talented musician”, a passion that was shared among himself, the co-accused and the victim.

Throughout the horrific ordeal, Fu repeatedly threatened the injured party, saying he was going to “cut off his toes and murder him and knew people who could dispose of his body”, the court heard.

Fu also urged the victim to give him the names of Co Antrim drug dealers so he could “take over that area”.

Fu left shortly after the ordeal, giving the injured party six bags of drugs to be sold. The guitarist also gave the co-accused “permission to torture the injured party all night” in his absence.

While the co-accused did not do this, he did lock the victim in the cupboard for some time. Upon releasing him, the pair “sniffed more drugs” before walking into the city centre at around 12pm the following day.

The injured party still had the drugs in his possession when he went to the police that day.

When cops arrived at Fu’s flat, no effort had been made to cover up the evidence and “blood was splattered up the walls and in the cupboard”.



Judge Kerr warned the pair, who were both remanded in custody, that they could face a sentence of 15 years.

David McDowell QC told the court that Fu had a “traumatic upbringing” and at one stage looked after an ill relative.

He added that “drug use was the fall of Darren Fu” and that he had been on a “two-month binge” in the run-up to the incident.

He added: “If you took drugs out of the picture, this is very unlikely to reoccur.”

It was also claimed that the victim was with Fu when he was beaten up over drugs some time before and that was the real reason for his actions.

After twice absconding while on bail to Edinburgh and Kent, Fu later admitted four offences — namely false imprisonment, two counts of sexual assault, and rape — and has been in prison for 18 months.

His co-accused pleaded guilty to six counts including false imprisonment, two counts of sexual assault and attempted rape.

Judge Kerr wished to reserve judgment and will sentence the pair on February 22.

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