Tuesday 24 April 2018

Blood spatters put Martens standing above Corbett's body

(Stock picture)
(Stock picture)

A forensic expert at the trial said that blood spatters on the clothing of Thomas Martens and Molly Martens-Corbett indicate they were both in proximity to Jason Corbett while his head was struck close to the floor.

Blood pattern expert Dr Stuart James said impact spatters of the Irish businessman's blood on the inside hem of Mr Martens's boxer shorts and the lower leg portion of Ms Martens-Corbett's pyjama bottoms indicate both were close to him while he sustained a blow to his head at a time it was close to the floor of the bedroom of his North Carolina home.

Dr James said he believed Mr Corbett was struck multiple times by the brick.

"The presence of blood on all surfaces of the brick are not consistent with a single blow," he declared.

In the case of Mr Martens, Dr James told the second degree murder trial that the impact blood spatter pattern on the inside hem of the left front of a pair of his white patterned boxer shorts indicate the defendant was standing above Mr Corbett when his son-in-law's head was struck.

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