Friday 23 February 2018

Bail for 14-year-old accused of attacking garda after drinking two litres of vodka

Tim Healy

A 14-YEAR-OLD Dublin boy, who drank two litres of Vodka before he allegedly attacked a garda, has been readmitted to bail.

The youngster, who has been linked to 30 other offences since December, had spent the past three weeks in custody in a detention centre where psychological, educational and behavioural assessments of him were carried out.

Today at the Dublin Children's Court, he was readmitted to bail with strict conditions. Judge Michael Coghlan was told that it has been recommended that the boy must agree to be drug tested and that was made a condition of his bail.

The teen was also told he had to stay away from several districts in Dublin and not associate with five other youths. The boy, who was accompanied to his hearing by his mother, then took up bail and was ordered to appear again later this month.

The young boy has been charged at the Dublin Children's Court with throwing missiles, criminal damage to a garda car's bumper and roof, breach of the peace and being intoxicated in public to such an extent he was a danger to himself and others during an incident last month.

He also faces connected charges for violent behaviour in a north Dublin garda station and assaulting an officer there following his arrest.

Garda Sergeant Seamus Treacy had also said there are 30 other referrals outstanding, “each of those indicate a crime committed” by the boy.

However, a decision has yet to be made as to whether he will face prosecution for them or instead be cautioned through the Garda juvenile crime diversion programme.

His bail had been revoked last month following his arrest in the early hours of June 16 when an incident involving a number of people started to get out of control.

At an earlier hearing, Gda Sgt Treacy had said there were concerns for the boy's welfare and the teenager had broken bail conditions, including a curfew, which had been set down by the court earlier in relation to other charges.

He had said the boy “had consumed two litres of vodka”, was assaulting gardai and spitting at them, and had to be restrained.

“His mother was not in a position to take him home,” Gda Sgt Treacy had said adding that she feared that he was “in danger of smashing the house up”.

The morning after his arrest when the woke up in a cell “he did not know where he was and what had occurred the night before”.

Previously, the boy had told the court “the only think I remember is waking up with bumps and scrapes on my head”.

The teen had spent a day in a Garda station cell sleeping off his hangover; Gardai called a doctor to examine him and did not think it was appropriate to release him in his condition.

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