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Attack accused lost control, court told

A 53-YEAR-OLD man accused of sexual assault against a 27-year-old woman was overcome by an "uncontrollable urge" due to a cocktail of alcohol and medication, a court was told.

Anthony Lyons, of Griffith Avenue, Dublin, denies sexually assaulting the woman on October 3, 2010.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard yesterday that the woman was attacked by Mr Lyons during the early hours of the morning while walking home on a north Dublin road.

The prosecution said Mr Lyons admitted to the physical act of sexual assault but claims he lacked the mental element of the crime because he was overcome with an uncontrollable urge.

The woman told Kerida Naidoo, prosecuting, that she was walking home in the early hours of the morning when she heard twigs snap behind her.

She said Mr Lyons put his arm around her and asked if she would be okay getting home. He then gripped her around the waist.

"As he was trying to push me into dark area where the wooded area is, I hit him over the head with my phone as hard as I could," she said. "I was screaming 'no, no, no' and 'help' and everything I could think of."

While Mr Lyons was struggling to remove her underwear, she phoned gardai and told them she was being raped. A man who saw what was happening ran to help and shouted at Mr Lyons, who ran away.

The trial continues.

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