Wednesday 18 September 2019

Aoife Quinn kept no receipts for €373,000 spent on Russian visa debit card

Aoife Quinn arriving at the High Court hearing. Photo: Collins
Aoife Quinn arriving at the High Court hearing. Photo: Collins
Nicola Anderson

Nicola Anderson

AOIFE Quinn admitted today that she had no receipts for the €373,000 she spent in the course of a year on a Russian Visa debit card.

The daughter of fallen tycoon Sean Quinn told a High Court hearing that she earned €379,000 - including two bonus payments, one for €50,000 - from three of the Quinn Russian companies.

This money was present in her Russian account in June 2011 but by July 2012 the balance remaining was just €6,000.

Queried by Judge Peter Kelly as to whether she could have spent all the money on her visa card, Ms Quinn replied: "It may have been so, Judge."

She then clarified that the money held in her bank account in Russia had been "primarily spent on legal fees."

Barrister for the IBRC, Paul Gallagher SC said that if the money had been paid on legal fees then "there would certainly be documents."

Judge Kelly asked if she had ever had documents relating to this expenditure. Ms Quinn replied that she may have had but that she did not have them anymore.

She had received text notifications from the bank when the money had been lodged to her account, she later explained, adding that she had not thought there was anything 'particularly unusual' about that.

Ms Quinn is the first of five of the children to be cross-examined by lawyers for the IBRC, formerly known as Anglo, who are questioning the family over whether they had fully disclosed their assets relating to their father's bankruptcy.

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