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Ana Kriegel murder trial: Concrete block and piece of timber with blood stains at scene where schoolgirl's body found

Ana’s body was found days after she went missing in May last year (PA)
Ana’s body was found days after she went missing in May last year (PA)
Eimear Cotter

Eimear Cotter

A JURY in the trial of two 14-year-old boys accused of the murder of Ana Kriegel has been shown a 3D reconstruction of the crime scene.

Prosecution counsel Geraldine Small BL told the jury that the reconstruction was self-explanatory and was compiled by photographs and maps.

Earlier, a garda who found Ana Kriegel's body in a derelict farmhouse told the Central Criminal Court he initially thought that he'd uncovered a mannequin.

A sergeant also gave evidence that Ana's hair was covering her face when gardai found her body "as if she had been thrashing her hair".

There was a "noose" or ligature around her neck and Ana had three fingers inside it as if she was trying to "pull it away from her neck", the jury heard.

A concrete block and a piece of timber, both with blood stains, were also photographed by gardai in the room where Ana's body was found.

Detective Garda Eoin Conway gave evidence that he photographed blue tape and there were "pieces of hair" and a "locket in the shape of a love heart" stuck to it.

The two youths, aged 13 at the time, have pleaded not guilty to the murder of Ana (14) at Glenwood House, Laraghcon, Clonee Road in Lucan on May 14 last year.

One of the boys, Boy A, has also denied a charge of aggravated sexual assault.

This afternoon, Garda Sean White told the Central Criminal Court that he was part of the Divisional Search Team searching for Ana, who was a missing person, on May 17, 2018.

Gda White said he entered Glenwood House in Lucan through the back door. He went through a small porch and into the back kitchen.

He then checked the room to the right and found nothing.

Gda White said he then turned left into a "dark room".

He stood at the door.

Gda White said he "initially thought the body was a mannequin". The body was naked and the feet were pointing towards him. He called out and there was no response.

However, Gda White said he took in his surroundings and the smell of dried blood, and he realised what he had found. He called out to his sergeant, and the area was later declared a crime scene.

Gda White said he stood at the door but did not go into the room.

Detective Garda Eoin Conway, from the Garda Technical Bureau, continued to give his evidence this afternoon.

Gda Conway said he photographed Glenwood House in Lucan between May 17 and May 20.

He also took a number of photographs of exhibits at the Photographic Section of the Garda Technical Bureau.

One of the photographs was of blue tape which had been around Ana's neck. Gda Conway told the court there were "pieces of hair" and a "locket in the shape of a love heart" stuck to the tape.

He gave evidence of photographs he took of a concrete block which had hair and blood visible on it, and one of a piece of timber, which had blood staining on it.

Earlier, Gda Conway said one of the photographs, which was in a booklet handed to the jury, was of the body of Ana Kriegel, which had been pixelated.

Ana was "lying on her back and her right arm was stretched out", the garda said.

Gda Conway said he photographed a black hoodie type top with white lettering as well as a black boot and black shorts.

Gda Conway also gave evidence that other photographs contained "items of clothing" and others showed "areas on the carpet and walls where there is blood staining".

This morning, the jury heard from Sergeant Declan Birchall, the member in charge of the Divisional Search Team, who said that on May 17, 2018 he and his team had been tasked to search the park for any signs of Ana, who was missing.

Sgt Birchall said the team of four had arranged to meet at the entrance to the park at 12 noon.

There were a number of derelict buildings in the area, and it was planned to search them.

Sgt Birchall said he and his team were searching Glenwood House and its outbuildings when one of his colleagues said he may have found something in the main house.

Sgt Birchall said he went into Glenwood House through the walk door and into a room at the front of the house.

Asked by prosecutor Brendan Grehan SC what he saw, Sgt Birchall said he saw the "body of a naked female lying on the floor".

She was naked except for a pair of black socks, the court heard.

Sgt Birchall said the body's feet were facing the door and her head was towards the window. She was lying diagonally across the room.

Sgt Birchall said he could not see Ana's face and he believed there was something across her face.

When he got closer he realised her hair was covering her face "as if she was trashing her hair and it covered her face". he said.

Sgt Birchall said he also noted blood at Ana's nose and her head was tilted back.

There was a tie or ligature or "noose" around her neck and she had three fingers inside it, as if she was "pulling it away".

He checked for signs of life but there were no signs.

Sgt Birchall said he and his team then removed themselves from the building to allow gardai to photograph the scene.

In his evidence, Dr Muhammad Ghaffar told the jury that he was called to pronounce Ana officially dead.

He was led into Glenwood House by Inspector Mark O'Neill.

Dr Ghaffar said he saw the body of a girl. She was naked and lying on her back. She had a small cloth or something around her neck.

It was loose and her head was bent backwards, and he believed she may have been dragged around by the ligature.

Dr Ghaffar said he pronounced Ana dead at 2.19pm on May 17, 2018.

The trial continues before Mr Justice Paul McDermott and a jury of eight men and four women.

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