Friday 18 October 2019

Ana Kriegel murder trial: Boy B told gardai that Boy A asked him to call to Ana's house

Ana Kriegel
Ana Kriegel
Eimear Cotter

Eimear Cotter

A BOY accused of murdering Ana Kriegel initially refused to call to her house for her but agreed to do so after his co-accused repeatedly said to him "please, please, please", a trial heard.

Boy B told garda interviewers that he and Boy A were in his bedroom chatting when Boy A asked him to call for Ana.

"At first I said no", he said, "but then he started saying please, please, please".

"At last I agreed", Boy B said.

The two youths, aged 13 at the time, have pleaded not guilty to the murder of Ana Kriegel (14) at Glenwood House, Laraghcon, Clonee Road in Lucan on May 14 last year.

One of the accused, Boy A, has also denied a charge of aggravated sexual assault.

The jury has begun to hear the first interview which gardai conducted with Boy B at Finglas Garda Station.

Inspector Damien Gannon told the Central Criminal Court that Boy B was arrested by appointment at 8.02am on May 24, 2018 and detained for questioning.

Present during the first interview which commenced at 11.08am were Boy B, his mother, his solicitor David Powderly, Detective Garda Donal Daly and then Detective Sergeant (now Inspector) Damien Gannon.

Asked by gardai if he could explain the difference between right and wrong, Boy B said good was giving a homeless man money and bad was taking money from a homeless person.

Asked if he could explain the difference between truth and a lie, Boy B said if you did something the truth was "what happened exactly in the story", while a lie was if you were telling a fake story or you weren't there or you weren't present.

Gardai then showed Boy B an aerial photograph, and he pointed out a number of places on it, including the gates to the park, the spot where he met Boy A, the changing rooms where he got water from an outside tap and where he saw Ana when he was walking out of the park.

Boy B told garda interviewers that he said hello to Ana but she "looked really sad". He walked on a bit and when he looked back she was gone.

Asked by gardai about the abandoned house, Boy B said he didn't know the name of it and he and his friends just called it the abandoned house.

He said there used to be some animals in it and it had burnt down and been destroyed.

He had been exploring with his friends, he added, when they saw the abandoned house. This was "a couple of months ago", adding "some time last year, I think".

Gardai then asked Boy B to tell them what had happened on Monday, May 14 - the day Ana disappeared.

This was Boy B's opportunity to tell the truth, gardai said.

Boy B told gardai that he woke up, put on his clothes, ate his breakfast and then brushed his teeth.

He went to school, and when school finished he came home and changed his clothes.

He then went into the bathroom. It was around 4pm, he said.

Boy B said he left the bathroom around 4.20pm. When he was in the bathroom Boy A called for him. They went into his room so they could chat.

Boy B said it was around this time that Boy A asked him to call for Ana Kriegel.

He refused but eventually agreed.

He then did some chores and left the house about 4.55pm.

The jury will continue to hear the interviews which gardai conducted with Boy B tomorrow.

Earlier, forensic scientist Marce Lee-Gorman said a black vest top found in the room near Ana's body was stained with semen which matched the DNA profile of Boy A.

Ms Marce Lee-Gorman said there was semen staining on the back hem area and the upper right shoulder area of Ana's black vest top.

She also said the black top was damaged. It was torn completely along a side hem, the right shoulder strap had been stretched and pulled and the left shoulder strap was torn in two pieces, one of which was still attached.

Ms Lee-Gorman cut out samples of the areas to further examine them under the microscope for any DNA. She found two main contributors and one trace contributor in the semen sample.

The trace contributor sample was not suitable for interpretation, she said.

Ms Lee-Gorman said she had looked at two possibilities, that either the mixed DNA profile was a match for Ana Kriegel, Boy A and an unknown or that the DNA was a mix of three unknown people unrelated to Ana.

Ms Lee-Gorman said her finding was that it was a thousand million times more likely that the DNA was a match to Boy A, Ana and an unknown.

She said that she could not determine when the semen was deposited, but it had happened since the top was last washed.

Ms Lee-Gorman also examined a white bra. The fabric joining both cups and the band below the cups was torn.

The bra was "quite sturdy" and it would take a lot of manipulation and "pulling and tugging" to tear it apart, she said.

Ms Lee-Gorman said there was blood staining on the bra, and the DNA matched Ana's. There was minor male DNA on the bra but this could not be identified, the court heard.

In his evidence, Dr Edward Connolly, also from Forensic Science Ireland, said he examined a role of Tesco-branded blue tape, which was found around Ana's neck. The DNA on one of the tape ends matched Ana's DNA.

Gardai have also given evidence of obtaining a search warrant and searching Boy B's home on May 24, 2018.

Garda Suzanna McGrath agreed with Brendan Grehan SC, prosecuting, that a total of 33 exhibits was taken from Boy B's home.

The trial continues before Mr Justice Paul McDermott and a jury of eight men and four women.

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