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An Post 'not responsible' for registered letter theft


A €500 cash gift sent by registered post was stolen

A €500 cash gift sent by registered post was stolen

A €500 cash gift sent by registered post was stolen

A CASH gift sent by registered post was intercepted by thieves before it reached its rightful owner, after spending five days in a sorting office in Dublin.

However, Theresa O'Sullivan, to whom the €500 gift was intended, has no comeback as An Post says because the letter originated in Canada, it is not its responsibility.

The sender has written to Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte, An Post, ComReg, the communications regulator, and the office of the Ombudsman in the hope of finding where the responsibility lies for the security of registered mail.

Ms O'Sullivan told the Irish Independent about her disgust when she received the letter, to discover the envelope had been tampered with and the cash stolen. She had been tracking its progress online and was eagerly awaiting the €500 sent by her cousin John Williams in Toronto to help with expenses for Ms O'Sullivan's daughter Michelle's graduation day.

They've received responses to their letters to Mr Rabbitte and An Post.

A letter from the minister's office said mail delivery was a matter for the board of management of An Post and her complaint had been forwarded to the company secretary.

An Post said it was unable to determine what caused the delay but regretted the item was delivered missing its contents. It said that it passed the information to its internal investigations branch.

Ms O'Sullivan says she's not happy with the response.

"Why are we paying extra money to register letters when it's not safe?" she asked.

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