Thursday 21 June 2018

Accused told gardaí 'he didn't mean to kill Dean'

David Mahon
David Mahon

Eimear Cotter

Murder accused David Mahon told gardaí he did not mean to kill his stepson - "not in a million years".

David Mahon (45) also told gardaí "I wish it was me" that was dead, a jury has heard.

Mr Mahon, of Ongar Village in Clonsilla, has denied murdering 23-year-old Dean Fitzpatrick on May 26, 2013.

Mr Fitzpatrick is the brother of Amy Fitzpatrick who went missing in Spain in 2008.

He was stabbed to death outside Mr Mahon's apartment at Burnell Square, Northern Cross in Malahide.

The jury heard Dean Fitzpatrick's medical notes revealed he had self-harmed and had previously expressed a death wish in terms of feeling guilty about his missing sister, Amy, and had gained release by cutting himself.

Gardaí conducted a total of five interviews with Mr Mahon.

During the interviews, he told officers he was worried about his partner, Audrey, Dean's mother, telling them her son's death was going to kill her.

Mr Mahon told gardaí his stepdaughter Amy was "an angel but Dean was no angel".

He said Dean was always pulling knives on him, and he once pulled a gun on him.

He said Mr Fitzpatrick had called to his apartment on May 25, 2013 and the pair were arguing, with Dean saying "you don't care about your grandson".

He said Dean took a knife from the kitchen but he grabbed it off him and put it in his back pocket as he thought "it would be safe there".

He followed Dean out to the hallway, took the knife from his back pocket, showed it to him and asked "why are you pulling a knife on your auld fella".

He said he thought Mr Fitzpatrick was going to "loaf" him.

He said Dean then walked into the knife, and he knew he had nicked him.

He heard Dean say "ah" and he ran off down the stairs.

He also told gardaí he was "not a violent man" and Mr Fitzpatrick "walked into the knife", saying "I'm starting to doubt myself, did I push him".

He added: "Is it an accident or murder? I don't know but it's my fault".

The accused also told gardaí that "part of me thinks he {Mr Fitzpatrick} wanted it".

Mr Mahon said he "never thought he'd killed him" and if he'd realised how serious it was he would have called an ambulance.

The jury heard Mr Mahon then left the apartment and got into a taxi with his friend Karl O'Toole.

He threw away the knife, "don't ask me, I don't know why", he told gardaí.

Mr Mahon also said it was "bullsh*t" that he rang Mr Fitzpatrick's former girlfriend Sarah Rourke and threatened to stick a knife in her neck.

The prosecution case has now ended. The trial continues.

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