Wednesday 29 January 2020

Accused changes his plea to guilty in rape trial

Fiona Ferguson

A MAN accused of raping a woman twice has dramatically changed his plea and admitted to some of the charges he was facing at the Central Criminal Court.

Gerard Kane (36) pleaded guilty to rape on day five of his trial -- having previously denied the charges.

Mr Justice Garret Sheehan remanded Kane, formerly of Dominic Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, in custody for sentencing on November 19.

The court heard during the trial that Kane, aware gardai were looking for him, had spent several days following the rapes sleeping rough with a young woman before gardai tracked him down and arrested him.

He has pleaded not guilty to falsely imprisoning the woman, making a threat to kill her and aggravated burglary at her home on the same occasion.

The woman told Paul Burns, prosecuting, she was alone in her apartment at 1.30am on June 17, 2011, when she was awoken by a door squeaking and she jumped up in bed.

She said she saw a man standing in the doorway with socks on both hands which were held up covering his face and he was carrying a hammer, screwdriver and small torch.

She started shouting: "Who is it, what do you want?"

The man told her he wanted money and she offered him some. He told her he was not after €20 or €50, he wanted a safe.

"He said he was only trying to make a living just like me," she said.

She said the man told her to calm down and said he wasn't going to hurt her.

The woman said the man spoke to her for some time and said she kept telling him: "Please go, you said you would not hurt me."

He told her he would not leave until she was relaxed because she would call the gardai. She said the man got into bed beside her, asked her for a kiss and began touching her -- before raping her.


The woman said afterwards she wanted a drink and the man followed her to the kitchen. She again asked him to leave but he told her he would not leave until she was asleep.

She said she lay on the bed and he went to kiss her but she moved her head away. She said the man again raped her.

She said the man told her he would take her word for it that she was an honest girl and would not ring the gardai. He asked for a hug and then left.

She said that later that month she attended at a garda station where an informal identity parade was arranged and she picked out Kane as the man who had been in her house.

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