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Accountant repeatedly punched brother-in-law in face, Dublin District Court told


Criminal Courts of Justice

Criminal Courts of Justice

Criminal Courts of Justice

AN accountant repeatedly punched his brother-in-law in the head, leaving him with concussion after years of "bad blood" between them.

Randall Burkhardt (39) attacked and injured his estranged wife's brother after a disagreement about where his two children were to stay, a court heard.

Burkhardt, of Cabra Road, Dublin 7, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to Thomas Heffernan at Richmond Hill, Rathmines, on May 1, 2014.

Judge Michael Walsh ordered him to pay €2,000 in compensation and adjourned the case.

Dublin District Court heard the accused was married to the victim's sister.

On the day there was a disagreement about where Mr Burkardt's children were going to stay that night and the accused punched Mr Heffernan a number of times in the head and face with his right fist.

Mr Heffernan had bruising and swelling to his face, a laceration over one eye, concussion and headaches, but made a full recovery.

Burkhardt, who had no previous convictions, was from San Antonio, Texas and had married his Irish wife in 2006.

The assault was at "the serious end of the scale" and he realised how lucky he was the case was being dealt with in the district court, his barrister said.

"There is a history of bad blood and what [the accused] did on this occasion was too much and well over what was called for," his barrister said.

"It was borne out of years of increasing tensions. He realises he dealt with it in the wrong way."

Judge Walsh said the accused's marriage had irrevocably broken down and there was a level of acrimony that "spilled over" and led to a "rather unsavoury assault".

Burkhardt had paid €1,500 to the victim and the judge said she would consider imposing a community service order if another €500 was paid.