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Abusive man sentenced after calling garda a 'lesbian b**ch'






A MAN called a garda a "lesbian b**ch" because he believed an assault complaint he made was not being taken seriously, a court heard.

Aidan Reidy (57) was given a two-month suspended sentence for abusing the officer in a Dublin garda station where he had gone to find out what progress was being made with the investigation.

Judge James Faughnan suspended the sentence for a year and fined Reidy €350.

Reidy, with an address at St Audoen's House, Cook Street, Dublin 8, pleaded guilty to using threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour to cause a breach of the peace at Kevin Street Garda Station last May 2.

Gda Sarah Keogh told Dublin District Court she was on duty in the public area of the station when the accused called in, wishing to speak to a colleague.

He told her he had reported an incident to the garda in question and she replied that this officer was off duty and advised him to return when he was there.


"Mr Reidy became irate, confrontational and abusive," Gda Keogh said. "He called me a lesbian b**ch and a c***."

Reidy's barrister said the accused had been the victim of an alleged assault and felt the investigation was not progressing as he wanted it to.

Gda Keogh said the accused did inform her of the nature of his complaint.

"There was an assault on him, he was very upset on the night and felt the gardai were not taking his complaint seriously," his barrister said.

"He lashed out in completely the wrong direction. It was a regrettable incident and one he is completely ashamed of."

The court heard Reidy had also been in a road accident that left him injured, in ill-health and on disability benefit.

"The words he used were the foulest and the lowest level you could use against a female member of the gardai," the judge said.

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