Friday 23 February 2018

A manipulative, bullying monster who duped all around him

Eimear Ni Bhraonain

HE trained swimmers who set their sights on gold medals, but behind the scenes he was a predatory paedophile grooming children.

Parents trusted Ger Doyle and thought their children were safe in his care at New Ross swimming pool in Wexford.

They allowed their children -- some as young as eight years old -- to spend hours training with this man because they trusted him faithfully.

Doyle (51) first befriended parents. But all the time, he was meticulously planning his next move.

After he had their trust, Doyle manipulated their children. When they misbehaved at the pool, by name-calling or horseplay, he asked frightened youngsters: "Will I call the guards? Or ring your parents? Or will I deal with it myself?"

One grown man wept in court as the verdicts were read out. The same man had earlier recalled how he was just a 12-year-old "terrified boy" when Doyle forced him to follow him into a noisy boiler room at the swimming pool.

Doyle's actions were pre-mediated. He picked his victims carefully. In the case of this boy, he tried to portray as a "troublemaker".

The little boy had taken 50p from the dressing rooms.

As punishment he forced him to accompany him to the noisy boiler room of the pool, where screams would not be heard. He pulled down his pants and slapped him hard enough to leave bruising. He felt his penis.

Doyle told the child to come back the following week and he brought him to the boiler room again. When he saw the bruising, he did not slap him a second time but ordered him to sweep the room instead.

Other victims never returned to swimming after their experiences with Doyle. Their love for their sport will forever be tainted by what this man did. He took advantage of the power he had over innocent children as their swim coach.

Doyle used to measure children who he coached with the New Ross swimming club. This measuring started at the poolside but he later moved it into his office, stating that this was for the privacy -- and benefit of the children, who were self-conscious.

However when the door of his office closed, sinister acts took place. The court heard instances of where Doyle measured his victims' penises -- and in their innocence, the children were none the wiser.

Other times, he forced them to go to the bathroom to masturbate after showing them what to do.

Yesterday, his victims, now grown men, and their families remembered how Doyle managed to dupe everyone around him. They described his arrogance -- saying he was a "bully" who acted as though he was better than everyone else around him.

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