Sunday 18 March 2018

A line-up of the judgment takers

laura noonan

1. Companies

Regular trading companies registered 2,182 judgments last year, totalling over €54m. Judgments against other companies accounted for 932 of the actions, or €18.8m. Judgments against regular individuals were the next common, with 761 valued at €20.7m.

2. The Collector General

The taxman registered 1,456 separate judgments last year, in pursuit of debts worth just over €58m. The majority -- 996 -- were taken against regular individuals, who owed €35.5m. Companies accounted for 333 of the actions and were pursued for €13.5m.

3. Utility providers

Utilities providers like Eircom, O2 and the ESB pursued registered judgments in 621 cases, though the total debt chased was just €2.6m. Some 507 of the actions, worth €594,000, were against individuals. The bulk of the value, €1.9m, lay in the 100 judgments registered against companies.

4. Banks

Banks feature strongly in the registered judgments landscape, taking 372 actions in pursuit of almost €140m worth of debts. Judgments against individuals and businessmen accounted for 305, far outstripping the 46 cases taken against companies. Companies were the biggest ticket when it came to value, accounting for €79.8m of the total, largely through Aifca's €78m. The value of judgments registered against individuals and businessmen was €56m, while directors accounted for another €3.3m.

5. Credit Unions

Credit unions registered 343 judgments last year, chasing total debts of €6.5m. The bulk of the activity centred around individuals, with 324 actions totalling €6.1m, followed by 13 cases against companies, four against businessmen and two against directors.

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