Monday 21 October 2019

€20,000 for bar manager who was called 'queer' by boss

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Gordon Deegan

A restaurant has been ordered to pay €20,000 compensation to a gay bar manager after a director called him "queer" almost every day at work.

In the case before the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), the bar manager gave a number of examples of being subjected to offensive comments from his two bosses.

'Director A' uttered the vast majority of comments to the bar manager, and WRC adjudication officer Marian Duffy said: "I cannot comprehend how senior managers in a workplace would consider it acceptable to call such offensive names or make such offensive comments to a gay man."

She added: "I am satisfied that it is a breach of their trust and duty of care towards their employee to create and tolerate such a degrading and offensive work environment."

Ms Duffy rejected the restaurant's contention that the language "was banter".

She ordered the restaurant to pay the bar manager €20,000 after finding that he was harassed in the workplace on the basis of his sexual orientation, and said that staff training should be put in place.

In evidence, the bar manager said that 'Director A' in particular frequently referred to him and other gay men as "queers".

He said that 'Director B' made an offensive comment at a management meeting at which breakfast was served concerning the sausages the bar manager was eating.

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