Sunday 18 March 2018

12 years for rapist who drugged women

‘Persuasive’ computer expert lured pair to flat

Kapil Garg: used sedatives to drug two women in his flat
Kapil Garg: used sedatives to drug two women in his flat

Fiona Ferguson

A computer expert who raped two women after giving them sedative drugs has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Indian national Kapil Garg (35) had promised his victims "ecstasy" but instead gave them anti-depressants tablets with a sedative effect before raping them.

He is beginning a 12-year sentence after being convicted by a jury at a trial in October, where he had pleaded not guilty to two charges of rape and one of sexual assault.

Garg has previous convictions in the US including a battery conviction for an incident in 2004, in which he broke into a sleeping woman's motel room and began touching her before being chased from the room.

The two women have spoken of their enduring fear, and repulsion at his offer of compensation money.

One victim said: "My life has changed forever because of him and he has no remorse. I fear even with this conviction, he has not learned his lesson."

Both women met Garg outside a nightclub on July 2, 2011, before accompanying him home, a decision which one of them said was completely out of character.

The women passed out but one of them woke to find Garg on top of her. She roused her friend, telling her: "I think we have been raped."

The second victim found giving evidence in court difficult and feared she would not be believed.

She said she is much more cautious when she goes out now, and is aware of how much she is drinking.

"It is an experience which will always stay with me and will have lasting effects for me and my family," she said.

Garg, originally from Mumbai, had been renting a room in a house in Whitefriar Place, Dublin 2.

Gardai found a stash of the tablets at his home after the women managed to escape

Pauline Walley, prosecuting, earlier told Mr Justice White that that the offence were at the upper end of the scale.


She said both victims were clearly under the influence of alcohol when they met this "persuasive and charming young man who lured them back to his apartment".

Counsel said Garg admitted giving the women a drug which he knew had a sedative effect ,and knew was not ecstasy. She said he had full penetrative sex with both victims.

Ms Walley described Garg as a man of "privilege and means" educated to a masters level in California and who had worked around the world for telecoms companies.

Mary Rose Gearty, defending, said Garg accepts full responsibility for his actions. She said he had a good work history and on release could be a useful member of society.

She said he suffered a serious assault while in custody and he would have a more difficult time in prison as a foreign national.

Ms Gearty said his parents were devastated but his family had gathered €20,000 to offer as a token to the victims or to be put at the courts disposal.

She said this was a genuine offer and "not a well-to-do family throwing money at a problem".

Ms Walley later told Mr Justice White: "Both complainants are frankly repulsed by the offer." She said if the money was to be given to charity the women did not want it given in their names.

Mr Justice Barry White said if Garg had admitted his guilt earlier his victims would have been spared giving evidence. He said he could not ignore Garg's previous conviction for battery in the US.

He imposed concurrent sentences totalling 12 years and suspended the final three years. Garg has been registered as a sex offender.

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