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Saturday 25 November 2017

Courtesy tips to take aggro out of driving

Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Road-RAGE incidents may be hitting the headlines less often, but there's still a lot of motorists out there with bad manners.

However, help is now at hand for harassed drivers thanks to a new guide that aims to take the aggro out of driving.

'Pass it on' details 10 simple ways in which drivers could become a little more courteous and understanding of their fellow road users.

Don't need it? Well, see if you can make any improvements in your own behaviour in the following examples. And how do the majority of Irish drivers fare in these areas?

  • Giving way to other drivers in traffic (rare).
  • Leaving plenty of space between you and the car in front (instances of 'tailgaiting' every day).
  • Always saying 'thanks' if someone does you a good turn (we're not bad at this).
  • Giving some thought to how and where you park (there is a 'park-and-dash' syndrome).
  • Being extra patient with learner drivers (not our strong point).

The courtesy tips have been put together by Semperit and Maxol.

Their booklet makes the point that mistakes happen when drivers are flustered, stressed or plain angry.

Yet, it claims, a lot of this stress can be dissipated through common courtesy.

Semperit's Paddy Murphy said: "There's a lot of stress on the roads and of course a lot of that stress is caused by things we can't change like heavy traffic and roadworks. But one thing we can do to ease the tension is simply be more considerate to each other."

Brian Donaldson of Maxol gave an example: "If you let someone out in front of you and they don't raise a hand to say 'thanks', it's annoying.

"You think 'I won't do that again' and suddenly you're thinking negatively. That doesn't help anyone."

The aim of the guide is to encourage everyday, small acts of courtesy that will not only take some of the pressure out of driving but also make motoring safer for everybody.

The booklet is available from Maxol fuel outlets and Semperit tyre dealers. It can also be downloaded from

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