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Court told 'guerrilla actions' hit power plant

Work on a €300m power generation plant is being jeopardised by the "guerrilla-type actions" of an adjoining landowner, the High Court has heard.

Yesterday, lawyers representing Endesa Ireland Ltd, which is in the preliminary stages of building a gas turbine power plant at Great Island, Campile, Co Wexford, obtained orders against Michael Murphy, who, it is alleged, has blocked access to the site and interfered with security fencing in a row over rights of way.

The company claims that last Tuesday, Mr Murphy, who has an address at Hollymount, Mountain View Road, Slieve Rua, Via Waterford, blocked access to the site by placing vehicles on an access road of the 140-acre site.

The company also claims Mr Murphy tore down a security fence at another location on the property. Mr Murphy is one of a consortium who owns land adjacent to the site.

Barrister Stephen Dowling for Endesa said Mr Murphy's "guerrilla-type actions" were "a flagrant disregard" of Endesa's property rights.

Mr Murphy is one of a consortium who owns land beside the site.

Yesterday at the High Court, Endesa was granted temporary injunctions preventing Mr Murphy or anybody else from impeding access to or obstructing any person using the access road.

Irish Independent