Saturday 16 December 2017

Court order prevents FG's Higgins giving up pensions

ine Kerr Political Correspondent

FINE Gael MEP Jim Higgins last night claimed that a Circuit Court order relating to a "family law matter" is preventing him from surrendering his ministerial and Dail pensions.

Surrendering the pensions was not open to him because of the "very definitive" circuit court order, he said. The admission follows repeated claims by Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny that all his former ministers had surrendered their pensions.

Mr Higgins' ministerial pension is €5,952, and his Dail pension is €54,890. This is on top of his MEP salary of €91,984.

"The situation is in relation to whether or not I could give these (pensions) up, I simply do not have that option by virtue of the fact that all my pensions are the subject of a circuit court order and I'm not at liberty to discuss that further," he said. "It's a matter that's been decided in relation to a family law matter and I'm not in a position to vary that."

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