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Court hears upgrade put Michaela in murder room


Sandip Mooneea arrives at the Supreme Court. Photo: PA

Sandip Mooneea arrives at the Supreme Court. Photo: PA

Avinash Treebhoowon

Avinash Treebhoowon


MICHAELA McAreavey would not have been staying in the room where she was murdered if she and her husband had not asked for an upgrade, he has revealed to a court.

John McAreavey said he and his wife had a game between themselves where they would always see if they could secure a better room when they arrived at a hotel.

The 27-year-old widower said his bride had always wanted to visit Mauritius and good reviews prompted her to pick the Legends Hotel.

"When we got engaged in December 2008 the next two years of our lives were occupied with planning a wedding, a home and planning a honeymoon," he told jurors at the trial of two men who deny strangling his wife.

He said as a teacher she had the summer off to plan where they would go.

"Michaela was always adamant that she would love to see Mauritius," he told the Supreme Court in Port Louis.

Mr McAreavey said his wife picked the accommodation both on the island and for the seven days they spent in Dubai on the first half of their honeymoon.

"Michaela was the one to suggest Legends Hotel," he said.

"She heard many good reviews and it seemed to be very popular with Irish honeymooners."

He recounted how they landed on the island two days before she died and went straight to the hotel.

"We had spent seven wonderful days in Dubai," he said.

Mr McAreavey said they had opted for the 'all inclusive' package at Legends, with all food and activities paid for.

He added: "Myself and Michaela had gone to many hotels and it was always a game of ours, could we get an upgrade.

"So when we arrived we asked could we get an upgrade and the lady went to check and she said yes, she could give us an upgrade.

"We never got to see the other room."

The teacher's widower said they were placed in the deluxe accommodation block, in room 1025.

"So we were off to a great start," he said.

Two days later his wife was found dead in the bath of that same luxury room.