Friday 18 October 2019

Couple’s horror as car teeters on parapet of bridge

The couple's car perched dangerously on the edge of the bridge
The couple's car perched dangerously on the edge of the bridge

A COUPLE who came within inches of being killed last Sunday night have spoken of the horror they faced as their car teetered on the parapet of a bridge — with a 35 drop below them.

Toyin and her husband, Ademola, were returning from a party in Co. Kerry to Mallow when their car skidded onto Cronin's bridge in Rockchapel.

It crashed through the barrier and ended up balancing on the edge.

"I could feel the car balancing on the bridge and I just began to shake with the fear," Toyin Ayodele told The Corkman.

"My husband was screaming at me to 'get out' but I thought, if I jumped then the car would tip over. I will never forget the panic and fear, it was a nightmare."

Toyin, a mother of five children, said: "I just didn't want to leave him and the car was shaking, but it was like an out of body experience, as I just opened the passenger door and jumped out and Ademola was right behind me," said Toyin.

She added: ‘’It all happened in a matter of seconds — they even left the engine running in their panic .

"When we then saw the sheer drop, I just began to cry as I have five children, it was a really awful experience."

Afterwards, the couple dialled 999. Gardai from Kanturk made their way to Cronin's Bridge and brought the shocked couple back to the station.

Now, she said the Mallow family want to put the frightening experience behind them.

"Christmas is nearly here and we are all so glad to be alive, it is our Christmas miracle," said Toyin.

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