Monday 23 April 2018

Couple fear losing home after refusal

Louise Hogan

A COUPLE fear losing their home after they were refused the State means-tested aid.

The pair, who do not wish to be named, decided at the height of the Celtic Tiger boom to purchase their first home together.

Both in their early 30s, they moved from their home patch of Dublin to the south-east, around 90 minutes from the capital, as they could not afford to purchase there at the time.

In 2006, their lender approved a 100pc mortgage for €235,000 to be repaid over a period of 35 years.

Everything was going fine until late 2008 when the man was made redundant and then a month later she lost her job.

They immediately applied for the Mortgage Interest Supplement, but were refused in December 2008 on the grounds that the interest paid was deemed excessive by the community welfare officer.

They negotiated with their lender and, for several months, paid just €80 a week off their mortgage.

The struggling couple believed they would qualify for the supplement when they applied again in May 2009.

But they were left shocked after they were turned down on the grounds that one of the them was taking part in a full-time FAS course.

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