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Thursday 14 December 2017

County manager rejects Ming’s claim he ‘sorted out’ TD’s penalty points

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan. Photo: Tom Burke
Luke 'Ming' Flanagan. Photo: Tom Burke
Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

THE Roscommon County Manager has confirmed that he is the official referenced by Luke 'Ming' Flanagan as having “sorted out” the TDs penalty points.

Frank Dawson released a brief statement acknowledging that he seems to be the person referenced in the Dail but rejected the allegations completely.

He added that he will take all steps necessary to protect his good name and reputation.

Mr Dawson had been due to travel to Tucson, Arizona today for the city's St Patrick's Day celebrations but has now cancelled the trip in order to deal with the allegations.

In a statement, Mr Dawson said: “I assume I am the official Deputy Flanagan is referring to in his recent statements within and outside Dail Eireann as he did mention in a conversation with me in December 2010 that he was stopped by An Garda Siochana for using a mobile phone whilst driving, outside the Council offices.

“I utterly reject his allegations that I ‘sorted out his penalty points issue for him’. I will take all necessary steps to protect my good name and reputation.

“Today I am forwarding my account of this matter to the Assistant Commissioner of An Garda Siochana in charge of the investigation.

“In this context it would not be appropriate to comment any further at this time,” he added.

Meanwhile under fire TD Luke 'Ming' Flanagan has admitted his action in having his penalty points wiped from his licence was a “corrupt act”.

The Independent TD accepted he had let down his constituents but insisted he did not believe the issue was a resigning matter.

Speaking on Shannonside Northern Sound this morning, Deputy Flanagan said he was disappointed in himself as a result of his actions but he would not resign his seat.

“No I don't think it's a resigning matter, I think there are a lot of other things I'll be able to do for the people of Roscommon and South Leitrim in the new constituency in the future but there's no questioning it, I have let people down, there is no denying that and for that and for the people of Ireland I am sorry that I've let them down and I'm sorry I've let the people of Roscommon and South Leitrim down,” he said.

Speaking on the Joe Finnegan programme, the embattled TD conceded that he had run for election on an anti-corruption ticket, and his actions had been “corrupt and stupid”.

However, he insisted he would stand again at the next election and said he hoped that voters would still believe there were benefits in having him represent them in the Dail.

“I'll put my name before the people in Roscommon and whatever the other part of the constituency is again and let them decide that. But the reality is no one is perfect and anyone who expects people in politics to be perfect, they are going to be disappointed. And maybe I expected people to be perfect in politics and I have definitely disappointed people. I've disappointed myself, lets be honest about it.

“One thing I need to do is learn one hell of a big lesson from this and hopefully, hopefully the people that elected me will forgive me for that and hopefully they will see that there are benefits of having me in Dail Eireann,” he added.


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