Tuesday 24 October 2017

Councillor threatens to quit over SF 'diktats'


A SINN FEIN councillor is threatening to leave the party unless there is a change to the "top down" diktats from the leadership.

However, Seamus Morris from north Tipperary withdrew a claim he made in a local newspaper that Gerry Adams needed to step down as party leader.

He also denied he said he would leave unless Mr Adams resigned.

Mr Morris, who ran in the last general election, is the latest in a string of senior Sinn Fein figures in the Republic to either express dismay at the party or leave entirely.


His outburst comes after three Dublin City councillors -- Killian Forde, Louise Minihan and Christy Burke -- left in recent months. John Dwyer, a Waterford councillor, has also left.

Mr Morris said Sinn Fein is committing "hari kiri" and is making it hard for him to do his job as a councillor. But he said recent allegations that Gerry Adams covered up sexual abuse had no bearing on his opinions.

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