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Sunday 19 November 2017

Council to pay €87,000 each week for rubbish waivers

Mark O'Regan

Mark O'Regan

DUBLIN City Council will pay Greyhound Recycling €87,500 a week this year to fund bin collection from customers covered under the waiver scheme, the Irish Independent has learned.

Documents sent by City Manager John Tierney in recent days show the council will pay €4.2m to the private bin-collection company this year in return for it collecting bins from 32,000 customers.

This scheme allows certain householders the right to have their bins collected free of charge by the local authority.

A person qualifies for a waiver if a household's total earnings are tax exempt and are less than €600 a week.

"The City Council has lobbied for the establishment of a national waiver scheme in respect of waste and I would fully support this. The approximate cost of the waiver scheme to the city council is €4.2m," said a letter signed by Mr Tierney.

Greyhound Recycling and Recovery took over responsibility on behalf of Dublin City Council for overall bin collection from an estimated 140,000 customers earlier this month.


It has also been learned that Greyhound is being paid a financial subsidy for bin collections that fall under the waiver scheme.

However, yesterday, Dublin City Council refused to say if the subsidy was included in the €4.2m figure.

The City Manager also conceded that three out of 10 households did not have their waste collected during the first week of the handover -- despite claims by Greyhound that all bins were collected on time.

As part of the agreement, Greyhound agreed to recoup €6.7m in outstanding refuse charges owed to the council by householders in arrears.

"I'm still getting emails and phone calls on a continuous basis about bin collections in the area," said Oisin Quinn of Labour last night.

"It has been a disaster so far and Greyhound haven't prepared properly for the handover."

Meanwhile, Greyhound is to hire 50 new staff in Dublin in the coming months, the company announced yesterday.

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