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Council and OAP not feeling mellow over yellow vault


PROTECTED GRAVEYARD: The vault that Mr Curtin painted

PROTECTED GRAVEYARD: The vault that Mr Curtin painted

PROTECTED GRAVEYARD: The vault that Mr Curtin painted

A 90-year-old man, who has been given just three weeks to repaint a family vault at a cemetery in Co Clare or incur the cost of the local authority doing so, has said he will not back down.

PJ Curtin from, Mullagh, who recently received a letter from Clare County Council about the matter, has said he has done nothing wrong and has no intention of repainting the vault.

The controversial stone construction is located in Clohanes/Cloonmore cemetery in West Clare. Three years ago, Mr Curtin painted the vault yellow, the same colour as his home.

His late father Peter, along with his aunt, Mary Ann, are buried in one of the seven vaults in the local cemetery.

The matter was first highlighted in 2009 following a council inspection of the cemetery and attempts were made to resolve the matter at that time.

According to a council spokesman: "Clohanes/Cloonmore burial ground is a recorded monument and is therefore given statutory protection under the National Monuments Acts 1930-2004. This means that any proposed works to a recorded monument requires prior notification to be given to the local authority.

"The Heritage Council, National Monuments Service and the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht classifies pre-20th-century graveyards/burial grounds as historic graveyards.

"Clare County Council considers that the current treatment of this particular vault is not consistent with the traditional white lime colour or natural stone.

"The council believes that unless the vault is returned to its original state, it will set an unwelcome precedent."

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