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Council advised to cut 600 staff by 2014

UP to 600 people employed by Dublin City Council could lose their jobs over the next three years.

A review of staffing levels in the country's biggest local authority said staff numbers should be reduced by as much as 18.65pc by 2014, resulting in the loss of more than 600 jobs.

An independent report into staffing levels says there were too many people employed, and that numbers needed to be cut.

At the start of 2009, the council employed 6,931 people. Since then, almost 700 staff have left and the total number employed should fall to 5,638 by the end of 2014, the report recommends, meaning that 600 jobs are under threat.

Most of the losses will be among operational staff such as street cleaners, park wardens and waste management staff, where cuts of 16pc are proposed. It is followed by a 20pc cull in clerical or administration, a 25pc reduction in the professional ranks, such as planners, while one in four managerial posts could go.

An Independent Review Group report commissioned by the Department of the Environment said a targeted redundancy scheme should be introduced.

The cuts could yield savings of €46m over five years, it said, but warned that how services were delivered would have to be changed.

"The group is aware that in some cases this will require alternative service options to be considered," the report said.

Two separate reports are being completed into services offered by the city council, which could earmark further cuts.

One is focusing on the fire and ambulance service, due in September, while a second deals with the possibility of sharing services between the four Dublin local authorities, which will be published in October.

Irish Independent