Saturday 18 November 2017

Coppers' staff were forced to open club's side door to relieve last night's 'pandemonium', owner reveals

Staff at Copper Jacks night club were forced to open the side door of the club to relieve the “pandemonium” outside last night, the club's owner has revealed.

He also said that the condition of the young woman - who had been in a critical condition last night after she was injured in the crush - has improved.

The night club owner Cathal Jackson has told that the young women “is OK and she is talking. She’s after coming to.”

Separately, garda sources have indicated that the young woman is doing well.

Mr Jackson said this morning that the young woman and two or three others received medical attention from an on-site paramedic when the crush happened.

 “It was just a huge crowd coming down Harcourt Street and up Harcourt Street and up Camden Place, and they converged on Camden Place on the alleyway.”

Copper Face Jacks nightclub
Copper Face Jacks nightclub
The scene on Harcourt Street last night

“It got blocked and a few people were knocked to the ground.”

“The security staff went in and took the three or four people who had fallen to the ground and they got medical aid for them straight away.”

“A paramedic was attending to her and security staff. We have an on-site paramedic. I arrived when it was happening and I was blocked and I had to force my way through the crowds.”

“We opened the side doors to let people downstairs, and we got the crowd under control. It happened in two or three minutes – the crowd came up the alleyway.”

Mr Jackson said the huge crowd was “unexpected” for the night club, which was hosting an over-18s event called “Messy Monday” for the first time.

“We never had a specifically over-18s night before; we always had older crowds.”

He said this morning he would “seriously consider” not hosting an over 18s event again.

“18s wouldn’t have been in the premises before and they got excited.”

“It’s very difficult to put a figure on the amount of people on the streets.”

“An investigation is in process at the moment. The fire brigade and gardai were on the scene very promptly. And it was under control very quickly.”

Geraldine Gittens

Irish Independent

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