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Convention rejects call for Seanad debate

THE government-appointed think-tank on the Constitution has rejected attempts by people campaigning to save the Seanad to have the Upper House's proposed abolition discussed at its meetings.

A last-gasp effort by Senator David Norris to have abolition of the Seanad considered by the Convention on the Constitution failed.

The Seanad referendum is due to take place in the autumn but members of the convention decided by 57pc to 41pc against having talks on the Seanad, with 2pc having no opinion.

Groups campaigning to save the Seanad pushed for it to be discussed, and Mr Norris tabled a motion calling on the convention to write to Taoiseach Enda Kenny asking for a change in its terms of reference to allow it discuss the Seanad.

Tom Arnold, the chairman of the convention, said there was a practical problem since the 100-member body could only take on additional topics once it had finished with the eight topics the Government asked it to consider.

Irish Independent