Tuesday 21 January 2020

Controversial singer weds in back seat of a pink Cadillac

Sinead and Barry outside the
wedding chapel in Las
Vegas and with the pink
Cadillac in which they got
Sinead and Barry outside the wedding chapel in Las Vegas and with the pink Cadillac in which they got married
The lovebirds outside the wedding chapel in Las Vegas and with the pink Cadillac in which they got married
The lovebirds outside the wedding chapel in Las Vegas
Barry and Sinead light a candle after they exchanged vows.
Sinead and Barry arrived together in a limousine.
The two rings.
The happy couple with a card bearing 'rules for a good marriage wedding service.
Sinead arrives carrying a pair of boots and an iPad
Sinead pays for the hotel where they stayed afterwards.

Ken Sweeney Entertainment Editor

IT was the "most amazing dream wedding" for Sinead O'Connor and her boyfriend Barry Herridge: in the back of a pink Cadillac in Vegas in a chapel where everyone from Frank Sinatra to Britney Spears tied the knot.

"Every second. Every word. Every vow. The setting. Everything. It was the most amazing dream wedding any woman could ask for," a still excited Ms O'Connor said last night.

"I cried because I was so happy. Apart from the birth of my babies, it was the happiest day of my life," said Ms O'Connor, who said she felt elated the moment Mr Herridge slipped a gold Claddagh ring with red jewel, bought in Field's Jewellers in Dundrum Town Centre, on to her finger.

And the Irish Independent got such unprecedented access, our photographer ended up a witness at the nuptials of the famous Irish singer and husband number four.

Nevada-based photographer John Gurzinski had been a long-time fan of Ms O'Connor but never dreamed he would get this kind of access.

"I was photographing Sinead and Barry as they waited to take their vows sitting on the back seat of a Cadillac when Sinead leaned forward and asked would I be one of the witnesses to their marriage? I said I would as long as the Irish Independent got their pictures," Mr Gurzinski said.

"What would we have done without John on the night? He was a fan and such a sweet man," Ms O'Connor said.

The 55-year-old had brought along a CD by Ms O'Connor that he owned when he met them earlier at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino at 6.30 that evening, and accompanied them in a white stretch limousine to the Little White Chapel on Las Vegas Boulevard South.

"We weren't expecting any photographers but they all came out everywhere when we showed up," said the controversial singer, who turned the lens on the pressmen by photographing them with her iPad.


Paying upfront -- $294 for the 'drive thru' -- with her credit card, the Bray-based singer, wearing a pink Karen Merkel dress with Mr Herridge in a blue suit and pink shirt, got their picture taken with a "rules for a good marriage" card supplied by the chapel to marrying couples.

Moments later, Ms O'Connor and Mr Herridge were taking their vows in the back seat of a pink Cadillac with the owner of the Little White Chapel, Charlotte Richards, conducting the wedding service.

A song called 'Come Here' by Kath Bloom, taken from the film 'Before Sunset' was played during the service.

"There's a wind that blows in from the north,

And it says that loving takes its course.

Come here. Come here.

No I'm not impossible to touch,

I have never wanted you so much.

Come here. Come here.

Have I never laid down by your side?

Baby, let's forget about this pride.

Come here. Come here.

Well, I'm in no hurry.

You don't have to run away this time.

I know that you're timid, but it's gonna be all right this time."

"It's mine and Barry's song, our song and always makes me cry," revealed the new bride.

Holding a bunch of red roses after the service, the mother of four then shared a passionate kiss with her new husband for the cameras.

"We didn't go out and party. We just got the limousine back to the hotel because I'd left my phone there and wanted to ring everybody back home and tell them the news," she said.

Her brother, novelist Joseph O'Connor, sent his best wishes to the couple.

Speaking last night, the 45-year-old, who also celebrated her birthday on her wedding day, said she wanted to thank friends and fans from around the world who sent messages.


"I really am the luckiest woman in the world to be married to such a fantastic man," Ms O'Connor said last night.

"We both want to thank everyone for the many blessings and good wishes which mean so much to us, more than anyone could imagine," she added.

She revealed that the newly married couple were "going off-radar" before returning to Dublin tonight to attend an after-show party for a concert marking the 50th anniversary celebrations of Amnesty International.

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