Sunday 25 February 2018

Contradictions surround politician's version of events over driving penalty

Fionnan Sheahan

Fionnan Sheahan

LUKE 'Ming' Flanagan's version of events on the wiping of his penalty points is still stacked with contradictions.

The detection: Mr Flanagan says the first set of penalty points were picked up while he was on his way to Dublin to attend a meeting in the Dail in June 2011.

Yet he was travelling on the Friday of a bank holiday weekend, on a day when the Dail wasn't sitting. He was in the Dail the previous day, so must have travelled back from Dublin to Roscommon and was then driving back to Dublin again for a meeting – on a non-sitting day.

The garda: Mr Flanagan says a garda sergeant insisted he write the letter seeking his penalty points be written off because he was on Dail business. But the TD himself wrote the letter.

The corruption: Mr Flanagan finally admitted yesterday writing to gardai to get his penalty points wiped was "corrupt". But only the night before, he had continued to claim he wasn't corrupt because he was approached by gardai.

The council official: Mr Flanagan claims a senior council official "sorted out" his penalty points on another offence. But the Roscommon county manager, Frank Dawson, has rejected this claim, saying he will take all steps necessary to protect his good name and reputation.

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