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Sunday 25 February 2018

Consultants needed to help Central Bank chiefs learn how to forget

The Central Bank in Dublin
The Central Bank in Dublin
Donal O'Donovan

Donal O'Donovan

Outside consultants are being brought in to give bosses at the Central Bank lessons to make them better able to "let go of the past" and they will also be offered courses in "emotional and mental strength" as part of a new leadership programme.

Starting with senior managers, staff at the banking regulator will be offered the new courses in "physical intelligence for leaders" in order to provide them with skills to cope with the "unprecedented level of change" at the organisation, according to a document seeking bids for the work posted on the State's official tenders website yesterday.

Recent changes at the Central Bank include a 50pc increase in staff numbers, the introduction of secret bonus payments for some senior officials and a planned move to a new €140m headquarters in Dublin's fashionable Docklands area next year.

The proposed classes will run up to eight times a year, once a contract is awarded.

"Latest research in the area of neuroscience shows it is possible to actively manage your physiology to achieve a differentiated level of performance," according to the tender document.


Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system. Human physiology is the study of the human body. It is understood that the Central Bank is not seeking medical help, however.

Qualified experts are asked to bid for the work, and companies tendering for the contract must provide details of the skills and experience of their staff, as well as a sample training programme including lesson plans.

The new courses will be offered as part of the Central Bank's ongoing leadership programme. The idea is to help participants develop skills. Such skills involve learning "how to manage their physiology to sustain the emotional and mental strength required to lead others.

"Develop the flexibility required to let go of the past and demonstrate willingness to explore new approaches.

"Understand and apply resilience techniques and processes to remain positive and optimistic, yet realistic about the future.

"Prepare and rehearse endurance strategies to focus on the vision and achieve long-term commitment to the organisations (sic) strategy."

The Central Bank presided over the banking collapse that left taxpayers picking up a €64bn tab for losses.

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