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Friday 24 November 2017

Connors 'lived high life' as workers suffered

Rod Minchin

THE detective who led the investigation into the Connors family said they lived the high life while their workers were treated appallingly.

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Sellwood, of Gloucestershire Police, said the Traveller family enjoyed the spoils of others' hard labour. "The Connors' caravans were beautiful, they were absolutely pristine, they were new, without exception, and in absolutely immaculate condition," he said. "In most cases the cookers had never been used, the toilets had never been used. They lived a very good life – there is no doubt about that."

Police plan to launch an investigation into the Connors' wealth and will seek to use Proceeds of Crime Act legislation to seize their assets. Mr Sellwood said some of the conditions the workers lived in during the raids in March last year shocked even hardened detectives.

Mr Sellwood added: "I've seen an awful lot in my career, but I have never seen one group of human beings treat another group so badly for so long just for their financial benefit."

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