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Concerned wife wants to move resident out quickly

The wife of a Rostrevor House resident wants to get her husband out of the nursing home as quickly as possible.

Claire Ivory's attitude to allegations of abuse at the Dublin home appears to contradict claims by the owners that all the residents want to stay there, and their relatives support this.

When asked if she would consider taking her husband Pierce out of the home he has lived in for over two years she said: "Of course I would."

"There's no point leaving him there if that's going on," she said when she arrived to visit him yesterday.

"I wouldn't condone that. Moving him wouldn't create problems for me. I think I've got a nursing home nearby".

She said the Health Service Executive was helping her to find another nursing home for him in another location.


Mrs Ivory, from Churchtown, said her husband was unable to talk about standards of care at the home because he was forgetful and his accounts could not be relied on.

She said she now worries about why he had barricaded himself into his room on previous occasions.

But there were mixed feelings among other residents who visited their loved ones.

"They're crying in there because they have to move," said another woman as she climbed into her car.

Others who came to visit yesterday said they knew nothing of the allegations.

"We haven't read the papers," said one couple as they got out of their car.

Others simply refused to believe revelations by inspectors at the Health Information and Quality Authority that staff believed a colleague was abusing patients.

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