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Companies fined for breaches of data protection legislation

Unsolicited emails:

  • Ice Communications' CEO was asked to pay €1,000 to charity and legal costs in May 2010 after failing to comply with an investigation by the Data Protection Commission. Complaints were received after an email entitled 'Disconnection notice' was sent to more than 300 customers who were identifiable to each other.

l Tesco pleaded guilty in 2010, and was fined €2,000, after sending unsolicited marketing emails to a number of customers and for having a problem with the email "opt-out" option.

Unsolicited marketing texts and calls:

  • Two branches of Free Spirit Hair and Beauty Salon were fined €250 after pleading guilty to sending text messages without consent and not offering an opt-out clause.
  • Crunch Fitness was fined €500 after a complaint that the company repeatedly sent text messages with no opt-out clause to an individual. The company pleaded guilty.

Biometric systems:

  • The report raised concerns about the use of biometric systems, such as fingerprint identification, by private companies such as gyms and by schools.


  • The report warned members of the GAA to be wary of any unsolicited contact after a database containing personal details of up to 500,000 members was compromised in 2010.

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