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Commuters put lives in danger by driving wrong way on M1 after truck catches fire


The remains of the truck that went on fire earlier today on the M1 Credit: Adrian McCourt

Motorists put their lives and the lives of others at risk this morning when they turned around and travelled the wrong way down the M1 motorway after a truck caught fire.

It is understood that a truck and its trailer caught fire early this morning en route from County Louth, between the junctions of Jonesborough (J20) and Ravensdale (J19).

Fire Brigade sources say as they arrived to fight the blaze near the Ravensdale exit at Junction 19 on the southbound carriageway they saw cars coming towards them after they turned to travel back to the next exit and continue their journeys.

"It was a very dangerous thing for them to do and could have made what was a already a dangerous situation a whole lot worse," said a fire brigade spokesman.

"A truck fire can be challenging enough without having to deal with head-on collisions on the way to it," he added.

The southbound carriageway remained closed early this morning at Junction 20 Jonesborough after the truck fire which was first reported at 5.25am.

The right lane has since reopened, while the left remains closed as GardaĆ­ are awaiting the arrival of a tow truck to remove the burned remains for the lorry.

AA Roadwatch confirm that traffic was moving again on the M1 southbound, and said drivers using the right lane should not have any problems.

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