Sunday 25 March 2018

Commuter left bloodied after toy marble causes Luas stop's glass roof to collapse

Luas (Stock photo)
Luas (Stock photo)

David Kearns

Luas commuters had a lucky escape when a marble tossed into the air shattered the roof at a stop earlier today, showering those below with glass.

One man was left bloodied after a freak accident caused the glass ceiling over the Kylemore stop on the Naas Road in South Dublin to collapse.

Two men and a woman were sheltering from the strong wind this morning around 8:10am when it is thought a marble on the road was sent flying into the air by passing traffic.

The small spherical toy came straight down through the glass roof of the stop, causing the entire glass fixture to come crashing down on those below.

A spokesperson for Luas operator Transdev said: “We are investigating the incident and at the moment, we believe it was crashed by something coming down on top of the roof.

“We found a marble at the site and currently we think that a passing car sent it into the air.”

A witness to the freak accident told that no one else was at station, and that it was unlikely that someone passing by could have thrown something at the roof to cause it to break as it did.

“The roof just shattered straight away, and there was no one around except those at the stop,” she said.

“We had no clue what happened. It was just that quick. Thankfully a first aid team from Luas were there within minutes after someone used the station’s emergency phone.”

The witness told that one man was left with “blood and cuts” over his face from the incident, though they said he did not go to the hospital.

“The woman who was standing beside him when the roof collapsed was helping him with some tissues from her bag.

“The top of his head was covered in cuts. He was only wearing a tshirt too, so there were also cuts on his arms.

“He was covered in little bits of glass. I gave him tissues too, to help clean up the blood. When the medics arrived they took over and asked him if he needed an ambulance.

“He refused, as I think it looked a lot worse than it looked.”

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