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Sunday 21 January 2018

Commission's base here often targeted by protesters

Paul Melia

Paul Melia

THE European Commission has offices in each of the 27 member states, and its Irish office is based on Dawson Street in Dublin.

Some 20 people are employed, including the head of representation Barbara Nolan.

Five people work in the press office, six in the information/ communications section and four in the political section, including a full-time driver.

The job of officials is to communicate EU affairs at both national and local level, providing information on what happens in the European Union to the public and other stakeholders.

The work includes carrying out public consultations on ideas the Commission is developing, but officials also gather information and keep the Commission in Brussels informed on social, political and economic developments in Ireland.

It also arranges trips for commissioners and other officials, which would include arranging meetings, transport and hotel accommodation.

The Dawson Street office is frequently targeted for protests. Last month, around 50 farmers entered the offices and refused to leave, citing concerns regarding talks in Brussels about the future Common Agriculture Policy.

The Irish headquarters has also been the focus of a number of anti-austerity campaigns.

The EU Food and Veterinary Office, based at The Grange in Co Meath, employs another 188 people.

Its job is to monitor food safety and quality, animal health and welfare and plant health legislation across the EU.


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