Friday 19 October 2018

Comic's gay skit was excruciating complains Galvin

Niamh Horan Entertainment News Reporter

All-Star footballer Paul Galvin has announced he wants to make peace with top comedian Oliver Callan -- and has hired solicitors to broker a deal.

Yesterday, the Kerry sports star told the Sunday Independent: "I want to sort it out," as he employed a legal team to deal with the fall-out from a bust-up which took place in Kehoe's bar on South Anne Street in Dublin last Wednesday night.

Mr Callan has told the GAA star that he will not pursue his complaint if the footballer apologises for the incident.

A source close to the pair said: "Both sides want to bury the hatchet. Galvin has said he wants to sort it out. There are no hard feelings and Callan and his producer won't be pursuing it with the gardai -- provided they get an apology."

RTE's Nob Nation star and his producer, James McDonald, were involved in a scuffle with the Kerry ace during a bizarre late-night encounter in the central Dublin pub.

And this weekend, the real reason behind the Kerry footballer's fury at Oliver Callan has come to light.

The Sunday Independent has learned that the controversial player made a complaint to a member of RTE staff after seeing the comic make gay jibes about him in what he has called "the most excruciating night of my life".

The decorated sports star turned fashion guru said he was stunned at a take on him by Callan on RTE's The Saturday Night Show last March.

Galvin expressed his fury to show producers following the performance, describing it as "excruciating" to watch the gay jibes in the company of his parents.

The GAA star explained how he was sitting on the sofa between his mother and father at his Kerry home in Ballinclogher, Lixnaw, watching the prime time chat show when the Nob Nation comedian proceeded to talk about Galvin's "years spent in the closet".

Taking on the persona of an overtly camp Senator David Norris, the Green Tea comic gushed that the fashion-conscious player was now his stylist.

"My stylist Paul Galvin will be there -- Paul Galvin Klein as you know -- but we don't know what side of the ditch he's hurling from do we," the comic screamed to roars of laughter from the audience.

As the real Paul Galvin watched on stunned with his parents, the comic went on, still in the guise of Senator Norris: "But you see he won't join me on the canvass. He's refusing to join me on the canvass because he says he prefers silk or skinny denim. Skinny denim is a nightmare for erections," he quipped.

"But anyway, people wonder why he's pretty good at fashion. Pretty clear to me . . . it's all the years he spent in the closet," came the killer punchline to hysterical laughter from the crowd.

As show host Brendan O'Connor reined Callan in, saying "Okay, steady on. Let's move on," Galvin was left seething at the sketch.

As a well-placed RTE source explained: "He said he was watching the show with his parents and it was excruciating for him. He said he didn't blame Brendan O'Connor, but thought it was a low blow from Oliver."

This weekend, Callan defended the jibes saying: "Paul Galvin is a rugged, tough, uncompromising footballer; he shouldn't be taking my jokes seriously. Everyone knows he is not gay."

In the first interview since the incident, the Green Tea comic told the Sunday Independent how the footballer refused his handshake before calling him "a weasel and a sneaky little c***" and then challenged him to a fight in the toilet.

Yesterday, the Green Tea team continued to poke fun at Galvin on RTE Radio One because Callan said he wanted to show that he cannot be intimidated into not doing his job.

During the sketch, which had an estimated audience of 400,000, Galvin can be heard getting angry at the All-Star Awards when no one will accept his invitation to go to the pub.

In another skit, Galvin and his rumoured new girlfriend Grainne Seoige can be heard discussing their condom choice -- in the colours of the Kerry team.

The pair met at a gala dinner after last month's All-Ireland final.

Tabloids have since been speculating about the status of the couple, who continue to insist they are "just good friends".

Speaking to the Sunday Independent, the comedian gave his version of events of last Wednesday night: "His eyes were popping out of his head. Initially I thought he was doing a funny performance, but it turns out he was serious. If it was handbags, it was definitely a Hermes, when it involves Paul Galvin," he laughed.

"As he was passing I said 'Hello, how are you doing?' And I offered out my hand but he rebuked by handshake. His eyes were bulging and he called me a weasel and a sneaky little c***.

"I looked over at the boys and their faces dropped. He challenged me to go down to the toilets with him to fight it out.

Callan explained why he would not be pursuing the complaint if Galvin apologies.

"I don't want this guy to be hauled over the coals; I've no huge gripe with him personally. But I do want to make the point that it's not fair game for me to go into a bar and get jostled just because I was doing a sketch on someone. Then I'd have them all queuing up to have a go.

"Are the seven presidential candidates going to be next in line? Maybe with Michael D I'd have half a chance. I've no problem if they want to have banter and slag me off, but being physical is not on.

"It wasn't exactly a fair fight either was it? It's not a pretty place to be standing there with Paul Galvin's eyes bulging out of you," he quipped.

The footballer and fashion writer has been involved in a number of controversial incidents, on and off the ball, over the last few years.

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