Friday 19 January 2018

'Comic book make-up has helped me to beat anxiety'

Alannah Farrelly with her makeup on. Photo: Mercury Press
Alannah Farrelly with her makeup on. Photo: Mercury Press

Sophie Norris

A teenager has conquered her anxiety and learned to be "beautiful and strong" - by turning herself into a 2D comic book drawing of Wonder Woman using incredible make-up effects.

Alannah Farrelly, from Limerick, suffers from generalised anxiety disorder, which left her struggling to sleep as she was plagued by constant panic attacks, "hectic thoughts" and difficulty speaking to people.

However, the 19-year-old from Newcastlewest discovered that painting her face to look like she was straight from the pages of a DC comic "completely relieved" her symptoms.

"I think people underestimate just how powerful make-up is," the full-time mum said. "It's like I'm unveiling a better version of myself. It actually makes me feel so much more happier and more confident."

She claims it is her own nocturnal mind that led to her creations: "I very much like to stay in my comfort zone but that's something I've been trying to push lately and it's working."

She now plans to go to night school to train professionally.

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