Tuesday 21 November 2017

Comedian rushed to the pub after 'craic in the box' stunt

Martha Kearns

COMEDIAN Dave Young's exit from his box above the Liffey was not quite the same as Dave Blaine's emotional one which ended up with him being rushed to hospital by ambulance.

Instead, he was rushed to the pub by his friends. And he didn't lose five stone, but probably put on a few pounds as he was fed like a king during his imitation of Blaine's London stunt.

Young hopes his 44 hours "in the lap of luxury" will raise a bundle of cash for the Kick off Homelessness project.

Food was gathered on site for the homeless and the entire proceeds of a show on November 27 in the Red Cow Inn will also go to the project.

After he emerged from his box last night, Young said he only got one hour and ten minutes sleep during the event but was well entertained by revellers out on the town.

"Hundreds of them came over as they were coming back from the Beyonce gig at the Point. They were all in good form dancing and singing and I was dancing too. A couple of women even flashed me so it wasn't all bad," he said.

But a fire on John Rogerson's Quay, where the box was suspended, almost caused a halt to the whole stunt as it became engulfed in smoke.

"The crew were going to call it off as there was smoke everywhere and getting into the air vents in the box but then it subsided and we carried on," said Young.

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