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Colour-coded warnings aimed at reducing risk


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INTRODUCED in March 2011, Met Éireann's colour-coded weather warning system is designed to increase public awareness of risks arising from extreme weather.

Green indicates no risk, while yellow means 'be aware' and applies to those exposed to risk by the nature of their location or activity.

Orange tells the public to 'be prepared' for increased risk and covers gusts of up to 130kmh, up to 70mm of rainfall falling in 24 hours, and forecasts of more than 3cm of snow leading to slippery roads.

The most severe warning is red, which implies that the public should 'take action' to protect themselves and their properties including staying indoors. These are only issued in rare circumstances, the last being during Storm Ophelia.

It implies extremes of weather such as wind speeds above 80kmh, downpours of more than 70mm, or more than 8cm of snow.

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