Thursday 14 December 2017

Cold snap continues as spring put on hold for now

Seasons dictated by average monthly temperatures
Seasons dictated by average monthly temperatures

Brian Byrne

We're almost a full week into spring - but wintry gloom will cling on for several days ahead.

Met éireann forecaster Eoin Sherlock said clouds will block out the blue skies and sun rays glimpsed earlier this week until the middle of next week at the earliest.

He said: "Over the last couple of days we had a lot of clear, bright weather, but there will be a bit more cloud in the mix over the weekend.

"Because of high pressure, there's some cloud out in the Atlantic and it's caught up in that flow. That's going to be circulated around.

"There's other weather fronts to the north; cloud will peel off those and get into the flow.

"If you can imagine the water draining from your sink, but it doesn't go down the hole.

"The cloud cover is going to keep circling around a few times and then it'll go out into the Atlantic, and then it might come back in again."

The harshly low temperatures won't abate, dropping from highs of 6C to as low as 3C in some areas today.

However, this is one cloud which has a silver lining, as high pressure means it is expected to remain dry in almost all areas across the weekend.

Mr Sherlock said: "There's an area of high pressure off the west coast, and it's giving dry, settled weather.

"On a lot of the east coast, probably from Dublin down to Wexford, a few showers might come in off the Irish sea, because there's a bit of a north easterly wind.

"And there might be a few spits and spots along the north coast.

"But they're not amounting to much; you'd see it on the windscreen of your car and that's about it.

"For 99pc of the country, it's going to be a dry weekend and dry into the early days of next week."

Frost is expected tonight as temperatures plummet further to as low as -2C, something which will continue, said Mr Sherlock.

"Tonight, it will be cold. Overnight temperatures will be below freezing for the foreseeable future.

"With cloud, it might get down to -1C, and if there's a break in the cloud, it could get down to -2C or more."

However, mercury levels could reach a modest 9C on Saturday and Sunday.

"It will probably pick up a little bit over the weekend. Maybe Saturday and Sunday it will be 5C to 8C, and it might even squeeze a 9C on the south coast," he said.

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