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Coalition reveals terms of reference for independent probe into claims


Sean Guerin SC

Sean Guerin SC

Sean Guerin SC

WHISTLEBLOWER Maurice McCabe will be interviewed by the barrister who has been appointed by the Government to examine his allegations of garda malpractice.

The announcement was made as the Coalition revealed the terms of reference for senior counsel Sean Guerin's independent inquiry into the garda sergeant's claims. He is due to report back to the Government in the last week of April.

The investigation was sparked by a dossier of allegations of garda misconduct, which was forwarded by Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin to Taoiseach Enda Kenny on behalf of Sgt McCabe.

The Dail heard that the cases involved are believed to include serious assaults, kidnapping and murder.

The independent review will conduct a "thorough examination" of the actions taken by gardai in Cavan who investigated the crimes.

Mr Guerin (pictured) will review Sgt McCabe's dossier and other correspondences he sent to the Taoiseach and the former confidential recipient Oliver Connolly.

Sgt McCabe will be interviewed along with "any other such person as may be considered necessary and capable of providing relevant and material assistance," according to the terms.

Sgt McCabe and anyone else involved in the affair will also be invited to hand over to the review any other documentation that they believe to be relevant.

Garda records and Department of Justice files will also be open to examination as part of the process.

Mr Guerin will communicate with An Garda Siochana and any other "relevant entity or public body" to establish what steps were taken by them to investigate and resolve the allegations.

He will also review the adequacy of any investigation or inquiry instigated by gardai or other agencies into the incidents detailed in Sgt McCabe's dossier.

The barrister will then consider if his inquiries lead him to the conclusion that there is "sufficient basis for concern" arising from the actions taken by gardai or any other body while investigating the crimes.

He will then advise the Government on what further measures, if any, need to be taken.

This may include the establishment of a Commission of Investigation.

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