Thursday 23 November 2017

My One Good Idea: Tim Arnold,General Manager, Hailo Ireland

Tim Arnold, general manager of Hailo Ireland
Tim Arnold, general manager of Hailo Ireland

Private car ownership is inefficient. The average car is in use 4pc of the time and idle the other 96pc. Here in Dublin, inner-city congestion is a growing problem caused by private cars winding through the city and occupying its road space via on-street parking.

At Hailo, we are helping to decrease congestion, by increasing the efficiency of the city's taxi fleet. Our system allocates the nearest taxi driver to any given customer, minimising the distance drivers have to travel. That means fewer empty taxis clogging the streets.

Inner-city congestion can be addressed by improved public transport infrastructure, including taxis. However, this isn't the only avenue we can pursue. My One Good Idea is a congestion charge for private vehicles in Dublin city centre.

This would compel people to use public transport, which in turn fuels the public's appetite to invest in and improve services. It enables the more efficient performance of the taxi network, which could move more freely and decrease emissions.

Ultimately, it reduces the need for on-street parking, freeing space for cycleways.

A congestion charge should be considered.

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