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Claim elderly residents 'upset' by letter

A CHARITABLE housing agency has promised to investigate allegations that some of its elderly residents were "upset" and "intimidated" by a letter sent by a lawyer in the course of an investigation into a suspended staff member.

Residents of the sheltered housing scheme were said to have been upset to receive the letter, which requested them to attend an interview and to notify the lawyer in writing if they were unable to do so.

The sheltered housing scheme for the elderly is managed by Cluid Housing Association.

Residents, who held the staff member in high regard, were also said to have been shocked the name of the person was contained in the letter and that they were now "the talk of the town".

A spokesman for Cluid said it could not discuss confidential communications between it and its tenants, which it said were its primary concern, but that any allegation of intimidation or upset would be investigated fully.

Irish Independent